I’m so happy/sad right now

So last Sunday, I started the South Beach Diet, phase one. And I’ve been doing so good all week long, not even falling to any of my cravings or anything. I’ve been eating veggies all damn day long and so much protein that I may have been solely responsible for the profits of a single chicken farm.

Today, when I weighed myself, I couldn’t even believe it. I had to weigh myself about ten times before it clicked. I’ve lost 14 pounds in less than a full week. I was so excited!

That’s when it happened. I decided that it would be okay to have more than my usual little handful of dark chocolate chips. I had three.

I feel so gross right now, and I’m just amazed at how much it affected me. I had an exact serving size, so it’s not like I completely pigged out on them or anything, but I definitely feel like I’ve eaten the entire bag. I am drinking water so much, just hoping to flush out the crap out of my body already. I am so happy but sad at the same time. It seems like I won’t be able to eat deserts like I used to, which I’m thankful for, but then I’ll kind of miss it a bit too.

I’ll keep you updated on what it did to my weight loss, if anything. Otherwise, I’ll be back again soon for a legitimate post.


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